The name YEAUTY is a combination of English
Y-OUTH - youth and B-EAUTY - beauty.
Yeauty's newly developed beauty concept is based on hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient so effective against wrinkles, that now every new YEAUTY product is equipped with this ingredient.

Today, there is hardly a single skin care brand that does not offer any acid product in its range. Common to all acids is that they penetrate deep into the skin where its exfoliating effect gives glow and radiance and accelerates cell renewal. One of the most effective acids is Hyaluronic acid, which is actively effective against several skin problems such as pigment changes, oily skin, fine lines and general dullness.

Hyaluronic acid is an extremely good moisturizer which keeps the skin soft and velvety smooth.

The active ingredient is also part of the body's own biological system, which means that it usually does not cause any skin irritation.