Ax & Lin Scandinavian Skincare

Ax & Lin is a small family business founded in 2011 in Sölvesborg, Blekinge by Cecilia Pålsson. The main ambition is to always have the people and the environment in focus. For the past 10 years, we have delivered organic, vegan skincare from the GAIA and NONIQUE brands to mainly the health trade chains. Since 2019, the range was expanded with the new brand PURA MARE, which follows the same line of ambition. The same year, the development of the own brand Ax & Lin Scandinavian Skincare also began.

Our ambition is for consumers to trust and know that by choosing Ax & Lin Scandinavian Skincare, they are choosing a high-quality, organic and fair product.

Ax & Lin will soon launch an organic, vegan skin care series. The first product on the market is Ax & Lin Scandinavian Skincare Arganoil, skin, body and hair. A high quality 100% cold pressed argan oil produced in Morocco. The oil is produced according to traditional methods and filtered three times during the manufacturing process without any additives. After the first pressing of carefully selected seed kernels of the highest quality, it is decanted for eight days before the first filtration. This is to distinguish the product from the base that gives the product a poorer quality and a cloudy color. It then undergoes a further filtration and is decanted again for 24 hours. Finally, the oil undergoes a third filtration, after which it is filled into bottles and delivered to us.

After 20 years in the industry and 10 years as a company, Ax & Lin now wants to be able to offer an organic, vegan and fair range of skin care products. We simply want to offer a better alternative.