We want to give you who are extra aware and want to take your skin care to a new level an exclusive opportunity to do this! The ambition is to offer clean, fair organic skin care to the whole family at a reasonable price. NONIQUES natural products are created solely from organic ingredients and with love, respect and concern for the environment as well as all the people who are in some way involved in the production chain.

The noni fruit is the basis of all NONIQUES products and comes from their own organic farms in Panama. The noni fruit needs sun all year round and in combination with fresh and clean water and mineral-rich soil, the climate in Panama is perfect for organic farming. The noni fruit has been used as a health plant by the indigenous people for at least a couple of thousand years. It is said to help with skin infections, skin problems and cold sores, and is also said to cure chronic diseases. The fruit Noni is packed with over 150 important nutrients that have been discovered in the fruit so far. The exceptionally high content of proxeronin, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and trace elements makes the fruit one of the latest and most valuable discoveries in the field of natural cosmetics, which we combine with 14 other vitamin-rich fruits of the best quality. All of these ingredients all come from certified organic farms. Thanks to essential oils and the high amount of organic ingredients, NONIQUE's fruity scent is created. NONIQUES has developed a number of different product series, all to ensure that each skin type is best met. Now we want everyone to have the chance to be convinced of its effect.

NONIQUES author Reinhard Krinke from Mannheim traveled to tropical Panama. Impressed by the country, the people and the fascinating plant and animal life, it was there, on the other side of the earth, that he got the idea for the skin care series. Panama became a second home, and Reinhard Krinke became the new owner of the 1,500 noni trees and aloe vera plants found on organic farms. Based on this, he began to create one of the world's foremost organic skin care series.

For him, it was also important that everyone could afford natural products. Good natural products with high quality that are also organically grown should not have to be expensive. This was another reason why we chose NONIQUE, Reinhard and C / O want just like us, that ALL people should be able to buy organic, natural products for their and nature's best. The fact that NONIQUE owns its own plantations in Panama means that no intermediaries are needed in the production chain. Their packaging is not luxurious and lavish but environmentally friendly and recyclable, nor do they produce small samples. Nonique is sold in several different countries and the volumes are large. All this allows the company to keep production costs down, all to keep the BEST POSSIBLE price to its customers!