GAIA - Pure Pregnancy


For most women, the phenomenon of pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles. Expectations, longing but also a physical change of the body.

Stretch marks in connection with pregnancy affect as many as 75% of all pregnant women. The skin simply does not keep up with the rapid weight gain that occurs mainly at the end of pregnancy.

The most important thing you can do to prevent the onset of this phenomenon is, as in most cases - to have a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Keep your skin healthy. Eat good food and preferably extra supplements of zinc, vitamins A, C and D if you know that your diet may not be as varied as it should be. It is also especially important, especially for vegans / vegetarians, to be sure to get enough protein that helps build the skin.

Exercise is also A and O. Exercise helps the body's metabolism to more easily handle slag products and assimilate the nutrients we get in us. In addition, the production of cortisol, which often occurs during stress, is slowed down. When you exercise, it also becomes easier to absorb the daily dose of 1-1.5 l of water / day. Water maintains the skin's moisture balance and makes it more elastic.

Last but not least, use an oil or cream daily on exposed areas.