GAIA - Natural Baby

The skin care series was created by mother Michelle whose son was born with sensitive skin and developed eczema already at 8 weeks of age. They tried many brands of baby skin care but most were inappropriate and only made the eczema worse so Michelle Vogrinec started creating her own skin care. GAIA was launched in 2002 and now GAIA's baby series is one of the best-selling brands in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and the USA.

Features and benefits:

  • Natural and organic ingredients.
  • Gentle formula specially designed for sensitive skin.
  • Fantastic product performance that lives up to its promise.
  • Active ingredients that actually benefit the skin.
  • Free from well-known skin irritating ingredients such as soap, sulfates, artificial fragrances, propylene glycol and parabens (preservatives).
  • So reliable that they are recommended by parents, maternity and medical staff.
  • No animal experiments have been applied to either the end product or ingredients.
  • Vegan friendly (except Soothing Lotion because it contains beeswax).
  • You get extremely much for your money!

Michelle's vision is that GAIA should be the first choice for natural skin care. The goal is simply for people to choose organic over conventional skin care. Her mission was:

To create natural and organic products that are also suitable for sensitive skin. Choosing certified organic ingredients for their specific properties for the skin rather than just because they are "certified organic". To make sure they work as well as conventional skin care (otherwise people will not buy them). To make them available to everyone , at the lowest possible price without compromising on quality. To ensure minimal environmental impact.

Through research, we know that if long-term thinking and a natural lifestyle seem too difficult, expensive and difficult to achieve, people will not change. The vast majority of consumers do not want information about the technical details in connection with being environmentally friendly, natural or organic, but as long as the natural and organic products work and have a reasonable price, people will also buy them. We also know that people prefer to buy products from companies that are conscious and aim to reduce their impact on the planet. Consumers are also very keen to get accurate information regarding organic products in marketing contexts. Many have experience of companies that "adjusted the truth" a bit about how organic the product really is and feel cheated. These consumers become very loyal companies that ALWAYS provide truthful information.

Parents often look for products that do not contain soap and artificial fragrances to try to prevent dehydration and irritation on their children's skin.

There are many ingredients that are known to cause dryness, irritation and itching that can also lead to eczema. All GAIA skin care products are free from:

Soaps, sulphates and other dehydrating ingredients Artificial fragrances, mineral oils or other ingredients derived from the petroleum industry. Parabens and propylene glycol. Other common ingredients which cause itching and irritation.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the substance that has the highest impact on the skin regarding irritation, and this is found in most conventional skin care products for both children and adults. It's not only what we put in, but also what we omit that makes the difference!

That's why GAIA is a very good choice!