GAIA - Made For Men

Offer men this unique opportunity for a nicer look without the influence of harmful chemicals!

  • Formulated with only pure natural and organic ingredients.
  • Free from soap, sulfates, artificial fragrances, propylene glycol and parabens.

Natural and organic vegetable oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils to keep the skin supple. Fresh, masculine scents with organic pure essential oils! Men are becoming increasingly aware of both their appearance and skin care in general, which has led to men's skin care rituals becoming a natural part of their daily routine and not doing anything in secret.

Composed of ingredients that can help in the fight against typically male ailments such as irritation when shaving, ingrown hairs, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, dehydration and hair loss. Does not contain soap or other ingredients that are usually irritating, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Vegan-friendly (contains no animal by-products) the quality of organic pure ingredients at a good price. A complete range of products to do all the things you need in your daily skin care routine. All products are suitable for both face and body.

Michelle Vogrinec was frustrated by the lack of suitable natural products and the baby range was born out of the need for effective products to care for her children's eczema. Through the success of GAIA Natural Baby, together with the growth of the natural and organic industry, we have been offered a unique opportunity. The result was a completely new range through the increasing need for similar products for men of all ages who suffer from sensitive or irritated skin. We have realized that more and more men are taking care of their skin and want to do their best to look good. At the same time, environmental awareness is increasing at a high rate and out of this, GAIA's product range was created exclusively for men. To appeal to even the most discerning men, GAIA is made for men made from selected natural, organic extracts. Vegetable oils and pure essential oils cleanse, moisturize and rejuvenate while the essential oils create aromatherapy that pleases the senses. The refreshing lime and spearmint scent of the face wash gives you a fresh and rejuvenated feeling throughout the day, while low-foaming shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses your hair and scalp so that your natural oils are preserved. Its rich moisturizing properties prevent a dry and flaky scalp (which is often confused with dandruff) and restore the hair's natural shine. If you have extra sensitive skin, you will love the luxurious texture our shaving gel has. If you then finish with the face cream, your skin will be left soft and supple without burning and irritation.